Klezposter orange text 200pxWELCOME to the Klezmonauts’ website in the UK.  Free klezmer scores, klezmer information, links to other klezmer websites… This site exists to feed the klezmer revival.   Come on in and be a part of it!

THIS WEBSITE presents information about our band, and also hosts our growing collection of klezmer scores for you to explore and share.  When we started up in 2005 we were keen to find and play klezmer that was the Real Thing, but found this quite a challenge.  Because of our remote location it is difficult to meet up with other klezmorim, and we had difficulty finding sheet music and information on the web.  We did find some notable treasure troves of free scores, without which we would probably never have got anywhere.  The most notable of these include the Schoeller family’s site and Manchester Klezmer (now sadly only an archive and no longer maintained).  Since then we have found several others and collected them together with other useful resources for klezmer afficionados and bands on our links page (also summarised in the footer below).

THE AIM of our score library is to present klezmer scores in an easily navigable and accessible format (see example below).  Generally speaking the scores are not arrangements, but faithful transcriptions of the earliest versions of the melodies we have found.  Sometimes you will find both a straight transcription and an arrangement where we think both can be thought of as the Real Thing (e.g. Bulgar A La Naftule (Purim Niggun), where we have added Andy Statman’s arrangement as well as the basic melody).  Most scores are available both for concert-pitch and Bb transposing instruments, with the concert-pitch version always on top.


Bulgar A La Naftule (Purim)

Transcribed by Corns from the Brandwein recording:

Download (PDF, 21KB)

Download (PDF, 21KB)

The Andy Statman Arrangement (“Purim Niggun”) (transcribed by Simon Carlyle):

Download (PDF, 58KB)

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